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powerful prayers for tuture wives

How to Pray Powerful Prayers for Your Future

I'm thrilled to share something incredibly close to my heart with all of you today. Last night, I finally unveiled a project that means the world to me. And let me tell you, it's not often that I'm this excited about something, but trust me, this is special.

powerful prayers for future wives coverSo, what's got me so fired up? Well, it's a little ebook I poured my heart and soul into called "Powerful Prayers for Future Wives." Now, before you start thinking it's just another book of prayers, let me tell you, it's soooo much more than what you're thinking.

This isn't just about reciting words on a page or saying the same ole think over and over. It's about connecting with the deepest longings of your heart and surrendering them to the One who knows you best—our Heavenly Father.

Now I know you might be wondering why I felt led to write this book. But, honestly, the book was initially for me. As a single woman on a journey towards loving on me and finding MY person, I've had my fair share of ups and let downs. I know what it's like to wrestle with doubts, fears, and uncertainties about the future. Shoot, I know what it's like thinking, "Is there even a future in marriage for me?"

But, through all the doubts and fears, prayer has been my saving grace through it all. I started finding more promises in the bible and using these promises in my prayers. I wanted prayers that were laser-focused, purposeful, and deeply rooted in scripture.

Through prayer, I've found a deeper connection with God, understanding His character more profoundly. I've come to know Him as a loving Father who delights in giving good gifts to His children. And I've realized that prayer isn't just about asking for things—it's about building a relationship with Him.

Why We Should Pray Before Meeting Our Spouse

Prayer is a connector, a bridge between us and our future spouses. The way I like to think about this whole "Godly spouse" conversation is this: if you’re waiting for a Godly spouse then know God is going to bring a Godly spouse into your life. A godly man who has a true relationship with Him.

Because if you’re praying for your hubby, then why wouldn’t he be praying for you too?

text from dear future him on instagram

The Bible says, “By their fruit you will recognize them....” (Matt. 7:16) and I believe that me and my husband will already have a connection because of God and the consistent prayers that I've prayed. It's a supernatural connection that I honestly cant explain if I tried. But, prayer is knowing that God is working in both of our lives to bring about His perfect plan.

There’s more to this, but the gist is: prayer connects and prayer is powerful. God knows who your future spouse is and the more you talk to God, the more He can connect you to your spouse BEFORE you’ve even met. This is why I talk to God about EVERYTHING. Yes, everything that I'm feeling when I'm sad, when I'm happy, lonely, why I hate/love being single, what kind of husband I'm looking for, and all the questions I have about my future spouse.

Who is This Book For

This ebook isn't just for single women like myself—it's for anyone longing for more in their relationships. Whether you're single, married, divorced, or widowed, these prayers are designed to uplift and empower you on your journey.

Inside, you'll find prayers tailored to every season of life—whether you're dreaming of your future spouse, seeking restoration in your marriage, or simply craving a deeper connection with God. These prayers aren't just words; they're heart cries, whispered hopes, and declarations of faith.

I want you to know that you're not alone on this journey. Together, we can lift each other up in prayer and believe for the best that God has in store for us.

So, if you're ready to pray with intention, embrace vulnerability, and experience the power of prayer like never before, I invite you to join me on this journey and let's pray some powerful, yet very focused and intentional prayers together!