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loving being single

I'm Actually Falling in Love with Being Single....

When I post on faith and speaking things into existence I might see this in the comments, "Where is he?" Or πŸ‘€. Sometimes I want to say, "You'll never know because you don't have faith." But I just ignore the negative energy.

The funny thing is that he could be right in your face but you'll miss him because YOU'RE looking for him. See, you are looking for a certain type of man (your perfect guy) and that guy that YOU'RE thinking about may not be who God has in mind for you. You put out a desperate energy thinking like that.

If Ruth was getting dressed and going to the field to see which man she could get....she would have looked SO DESPERATE. Maybe even a little crazy! Clearly Boaz was watching her because he asked the men to leave extra grain for her. You can smell desperation from a person a mile away and it STINKS! Think about a kid that wants something at the store: they keep their eye on it and sometimes they throw it in the cart after mommy or daddy said NO. Then, they have a temper tantrum in the store because they can't have it. Big crocodile tears! Desperation STINKS and it's not pretty! Don't you think that would have turned Boaz off to see Ruth looking around, in desperation, for the single guys in the field πŸ€”??? The story of Ruth and Boaz could have gone a WHOLE LOT different. Don't worry about where he is. The fact that you are worried about "where" shows desperation to find him.....and, honestly, that's where one goes wrong. Remember, your guy is supposed to find you.

Now, I understand we ALL get hopeless and wonder if it's gonna happen (as I have in the past) BUT, I have also learned that in this wondering I was missing out on loving my current season. Daily I'm learning just how wonderful my singleness is. I'm doing things I never thought I would do, I'm going places and traveling to places I wouldn't have been able to go to if I was married, I'm writing a book and I've got so much creativity in me! I didn't know I was this creative πŸ˜‚!!!

I'm taking advantage of all this single time I have to myself and embracing the journey. I'm actually falling in love with being single! I mean I'm really thinking, "I don't want to meet a guy right now because I don't want him to take my attention. I'm focused getting to know ME right now." Seriously!! I'm loving the season that I'm in right now.

Of course I think about "Dear Future Him" and sometimes I wish he were here. I mean, I long for companionship (read my thoughts on this subject here). BUT, his entrance into my life would be the cherry on top of an already delicious sundae🍨. My future husband wouldn't make me whole because I'm already whole and ALIVE! So while I'm waiting for him to find me, I'm going to continue pushing myself to try new things and go new places. I'm going to continue dating myself and pursuing myself. I'm fixing my credit and saving money. I'm finding new ways to occupy my downtime like: spending more time with God, exercise, writing, painting, missionary work, fixing my credit, local life groups, volunteering, traveling, solo dates, hanging with my friends, singing in the choir/praise team, investing in rental property, doing more at church and so much more (ALL of which I'm either doing or working on). I'm bettering my life experience and I'm going to continue to be MY biggest cheerleader. One day I'll be occupied in catering to my marriage, and trust me, that's a lot of work and effort. One day I won't have time to travel, volunteer as much as I can now or write. I'll be learning all about my married season and how to embrace it lol....but today, it's ALL about me and how much I can explore.

Loving the ME I am becoming....ahh.


So what are your thoughts? What have you learned on your single journey? How are you occuping your down time? Share your thoughts in the comment section below.